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**** 2016 Regatta on November 12 and 13 ****

The NOR has been posted on our FaceBook page.

**** 2016/17 Season starts this weekend, October 9 ****

Working bee at 9am. A couple of races after that. 

**** 2015/16 Commodore's Cup Round 2 ****

Feb 6 and 7. Relaxed racing, camping, and a general good time. 

**** Wallerawang Regatta ****

Our 2013 Wallerawang Regatta is on November 9/10. Check out the Notice of Race for details.

**** 2013 AGM ****

The 2013 Annual General Meeting was held on August 17. The committee for the coming season is:

 Commodore  Martin Horder  
 Secretary  Rohan McAdam
 Treasurer  Rohan McAdam
 Race Secretary    Brendon Case
 Vice Commodore  Sebastian Knowles
 Regatta Secretary    Sebastian Knowles
 Regatta Coordinator    Luke Curran                

   Our first get together will be our working bee at the club on September 22.                                                  

**** Fish River Sailing Club Regatta ****

Fish River Sailing Club will be holding their annual regatta on Jan 19/20 at Oberon. The NOR has been posted on their Web site.


**** Commodore's Cup Round 1 ****

Round 1 of the Commodore's Cup on December 9th was a bit disappointing due to the low turnout and the weather. Five competitor's lined up for the start in a 10-15 knot breeze which rapidly change to 30+ knots just as the gun went as a front came through. Everything on the water and land got blown away with all but one competitor capsizing. The skippers of the two cats (who shall remain nameless) both left the beach without trapeze harnesses, which only added to the problems. The wind moderated somewhat but remained gusty. New member Jim Tulip managed to complete the course with Rohan and Niamh in the Hobie 16 also completing the course after an extended break on the beach after wearing themselves out trying to right a capsized boat without the benefit of a trapeze harness (oh well, now you know who one of the cat skippers was).

We will need to hear from the race committee to see if the results from this chaotic race will stand as round 1 of the Commodore's Cup or whether we will sail two rounds on the weekend of February 2/3.


**** Wallerawang Regatta ****

Wallerawang Regatta is on November 10/11. Check out the Notice of Race for details.